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stories from Cuba

Author: Renée Arinzé and Lisandra Garcia

Are you ready to explore the true essence of Cuba, beyond the usual tourist experiences?


Stories from Cuba is your ticket to a journey full of corazón, sabor, and Cuban spirit, offering a collection of seven captivating stories that’ll transport you to the vibrant streets of Havana and beyond. 

Here’s the lineup of stories que te van a encantar (that you are going to love):


Corazones en La Habana (Hearts in Havana)

Lose yourself in a romance as colourful and lively as Havana itself.

El Sueño de Yolanda (Yolanda's Dream)

Cheer for Yolanda as she pursues her dreams of musical stardom against all odds.


La Boda Desastrosa (The Disastrous Wedding)

Get ready to laugh with a wedding story that’s quintessentially Cuban – chaotic and full of life!


La Historia de Hache (The Story of Hache)

Take a walk through Havana’s streets from the unique perspective of Hache, a stray dog.


El Desafío en la Escuela (The Challenge at School)

Dive into a school story where bravery and friendship overcome bullying.


La Búsqueda de Raíces (The Search for Roots)

Join Theresa on her heartfelt journey to discover her Cuban heritage.


Vida de un Jinetero (Life of a Jinetero)

Get an insider’s view into the life of Alexis, a jinetero with a heart of gold and a story to share.


But that's not all! Each story is written in English and Spanish and comes packed with:

  • Plot Summaries: To ensure you catch every twist and turn.

  • Vocabulary lists: To get you talking like a true cubano.

  • Questions: To test your comprehension.


Learning Spanish? 

Gain insights on staying consistent, motivated, and resilient in your journey to Spanish fluency.


Interested in the Cuban culture?

Enjoy the vivid illustrations to fully immerse you in the Cuban atmosphere and make you feel like you were really there!


"Stories from Cuba" isn’t just a book. It’s a deep dive into Cuban life, offering a chance to experience the culture, meet its people, and of course, improve your Spanish. 


Ideal for beginner and intermediate Spanish learners or anyone captivated by the Cuban culture.


Grab your copy of "Stories from Cuba" now!

It took me 12 years to learn Spanish-3.png
It took me 12 years to learn Spanish-3.png
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