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1:1 Conversation Practice Sessions
con Lisandra Garcia

Cuban Spanish, known for its distinct rhythm and flair, can seem like a challenge to master.


But our personalised 1:1 conversation practice sessions are your golden ticket to sounding authentically Cuban.

Lisandra García, native Cubana, brings the language alive in these engaging one-on-one sessions. Her approach is more than just teaching; it's an immersive experience into the heart of Cuban culture and speech.


With Lisandra, you'll explore the nuances of the Cuban dialect - from its unique idioms to its rhythmic intonations.

Whether for travel, reconnecting with roots, or simply embracing a new culture, these sessions are your bridge to a world where you can confidently say, "¡Hablo español al estilo cubano!"

Speak spanish A lo cubano 

Learn Cuban Slang

Get ready to spice up your Spanish with phrases that are pura cubanía! You'll be talking like you've lived in Havana your whole life.

Using Diminutives

It's all about the pequeños detalles (small details) that make a big difference. Learn to sprinkle your conversation with affectionate terms and diminutives.

The Cuban Rhythm

Ever noticed how Cubans have that unique, way of talking? We’ll show you cómo hacerlo (how to do it), making your Spanish flow.

Understanding Idioms

Ever heard someone say "está en la luna" and wondered what it means? We’ll unravel the mystery of Cuban idioms for you. ¡No te lo pierdas! (Don't miss it!)

Lisa focuses on practical, conversational Spanish that you can use in real-life situations, ensuring that you're not just learning the language, but living it.

El accento Cubano

(The Cuban accent)

One of the key aspects of sounding authentically Cuban is the accent.


Lisa's expertise will guide you in adopting the distinctive Cuban accent, enabling you to converse with the ease and confidence of a native speaker.


She'll provide you with tips on pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm, essential for anyone looking to fully embrace the Cuban way of speaking.


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  • One-hour session filled with engaging conversation and expert guidance

  • After each session, you'll receive tailored homework to reinforce what you've learned and keep your skills sharp.

  • Gain access to exclusive resources that complement your learning journey and help you delve deeper into Cuban Spanish.

  • Lisa provides personalised constructive feedback, helping you identify areas of improvement and offering tips to enhance your language skills.

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